Travel Connect makes hotels bookings worldwide with an easy and pleasurable experience with user friendly interface. Addition to bookings an advantage of great deals, mouth watering discounts,wonderful customer focused service make it best among different booking engines. Travelers can book rooms easily and quickly using it's powerful B2B platform.




Using Travel Connect's backend platform....

How Many Hotels 


Our backend system will be provide over 17,000 different hotels to book from at anytime from any where, and it’s instant. Theres no need to wait for any confirmations as our api takes care of this behind the systems.

Our Interface...  


Our technology leverages a very user friendly front end search panel which will allow your customer and agents to do any search for hotels, ranging from selecting dates, locations and even combining hotels with flights!

Search Filters...


Our platform will also filtering on hotels to ensure they get the perfect selection. Users and agents will be able to filter down their own search results to pin point the perfect hotel for their holiday.

The Hotel API...

We have a huge number of hotels all around the world which are just over 17,000!

You will be able to increase your profits year by year by maximise your hotel network which will allow expose to your customers and agents.