Whether you are traveling to big meeting in the city, going to one city to other for any occasion or to the picnic spot on your day off, Travel connect make it easy with its satisfactory services in car rental field.




Using Travel Connect's Back-end Platform...

Car Rental 


Car Rental- We connect over many car rental agents at 200+ locations in many different countries. So you will find many cars in more cities with best prices.

Travel connect supports multicurrencies options to make it a global solution for a global industry.

B2B Platform 


Our B2B platform will provide a unique but easy to use interface for your agents to use, allowing them to making bookings easily and quick from just one area.

Our B2B platform will allow the customers to travel from one place to another by selecting car for rent of his own choice.


Our platform provides a Anywhere-to-Anywhere car rental platform. This feature can be used for private, public and even market specific local car rental fares.

Speical Discounts

Special discounts – our backend will allow agents to input discount codes of specific car depending on if they fall under the correct category. Discounted prices can be used by B2B and even B2C users as customers will be able to input a discount code themselves on check-out.

Travel Connect always keep on researching the market to distinguish itself as a specialist and is focusing on long-term goal that is to establish as an internationally recognized provider of top-of-the-line travel.